It’s the year 2020 – your website is more important than ever. Whether you’re a B2B Organization, a Direct-to-Consumer Business, or a source for Industry Information, website visitors judge you and your company solely by how your website looks and performs. This is why it’s crucial for you to invest in a secure and modern website, and have it built to perfection. Let us use our expertise to ensure that the Design and User Experience of your website represents you in the absolute best light possible, helping to enhance your brand’s image and generate more qualified leads. Click here for our general Website Creation Process. Keep scrolling to view some of our work below…


Henhouse Antiques

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Kiva Hot Yoga

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Seasons Fire Pits

different types of food

Birds and Burgers

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Thompson Engineering

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Cumberland Skin

Coach Safely

Haynie and Co.

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Heights at 4300

Byars Wright

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Burgess Ministries

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Consider the following questions:
    • Does your website generate qualified leads that convert into new customers?
    • Do you like the way your website looks and functions?
    • Can YOU easily update your website with new content (text, images, blogs, videos, etc.)? 
    • Does your website look great on all devices (computer, tablet, phone)?
    • Does your website help you achieve your goals? 
  • If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may want to consider investing in a new website.
  • The price of a new website can vary greatly depending on the following factors:
    • Who will build the website…You? A website development freelancer? Or a company that specializes in designing and developing websites like Bell Media?
    • Do you require special functions or features (e.g., social media integrations, visitor/member login, online calendars, booking/reservations, survey tools, newsletter signup, online chat, etc.)?
    • Will original design be a requirement for your project?
    • Do you intend to sell products on your website? If so, how many?
  • These are just a few of the considerations that go into Scoping and Quoting a website project. Bell Media’s average website ranges in price from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the specifics of the project.

For most projects, Bell Media will commit to launching a new website 60 days from the date a customer delivers the assets required to begin development. On average, we deliver a new website within 30-40 days, if not sooner.

Every Bell Media website project includes customer training. Bell’s goal is to empower the customer to manage their own website, then be available to offer technical support and major website updates should the need arise.

At a minimum, a customer needs a general idea for what they want their website to look like. From there Bell Media can offer guidance and recommendations based on your industry and specific objectives. It is common for Bell Media to use a customer’s existing brand guidelines, logo, images, and content; however, in the event a customer lacks these resources, Bell has both a Graphic Design Department and a Content Marketing Department staffed with professionals ready to create any assets the customer may need.

Bell Media builds “responsive” websites, which is a fancy way of saying that each website will adjust to the screen it’s being viewed on to ensure a great user experience, especially on mobile since over half of all website traffic these days is mobile.

If a customer needs to sell their products online, Bell Media has several options for eCommerce website development. Like any website project, pricing can vary depending on the complexity of the eCommerce website and number of products, but generally just because a website is “eCommerce” doesn’t mean it will be any more expensive than Bell’s average website project.

A new website alone won’t generate leads and new customers because that requires people to visit the website. That being said, Bell Media uses best practices in website design and user-experience to ensure the finished product is setup for conversions and has the right Calls to Action (CTAs) to generate leads. After a website is launched, Bell’s team of Digital Marketing Specialists are available to consult our customers on the tactics they should employ to drive the RIGHT traffic to their new website, which results in lead generation and new customers.

  • Bell Media builds all its websites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. When rebuilding an existing website, we analyze the current site architecture to ensure we find a balance between restructuring the old website and maintaining existing Domain Authority. In addition, Bell pulls Metadata (Page Titles, H-Tags, and Meta Descriptions) from the old website, then optimizes it for the new website. 
  • When building a new website from scratch, we create Metadata and index the website on Google to ensure the foundation is set for the new website to rank effectively. 
  • It is very important to understand that Google changes its algorithm multiple times each day, and the only way to ensure consistent page 1 rankings is to have an effective, ongoing SEO and Content strategy.

Unless there is a specific use case, most small to mid-sized businesses do not need an App. By utilizing responsive website design, the websites Bell Media develops are optimized for mobile devices and can perform most, if not all the same functions as an App without the added cost to develop an App and costly ongoing fees to update and maintain an App.

  • First, Bell Media’s website development process begins with a thorough Discovery meeting where a website professional takes the time to understand a customer’s specific project and objectives. 
  • Then, a Scope of Work and Proposal is prepared and delivered that includes the project details and price. Should the customer decide to move forward, they are assigned a Website Project Manager who is responsible for collecting the assets needed to develop the website and guiding the customer through the design and development stages. 
  • After the development stage is complete, Bell completes a quality assurance check and SEO kickstart (metadata), then schedules a training with the customer with the goal of teaching them how to manage and update the website.
  • Finally, with the customer’s approval Bell launches the website. Following launch we offer a 30-Day Warranty which covers any issues that may arise, Free of charge. Bell also staffs a Support Desk that is available to answer questions and assist with updates should the need arise.



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