The rate at which we’re consuming video through our digital devices is truly remarkable. We’re watching countless hours of video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. So much, that businesses are ditching all other methods of storytelling and going all-in on video. It’s because video allows us to see, hear and feel more than any other marketing medium out there. Having a video component for your company’s identity is no longer a desire. It’s now an absolute necessity. Here’s the problem, though. The only way to produce a quality video is to hire a production company and spend big bucks, leaving small businesses out of the game. Fortunately, Bell Media’s video solutions are suitable for small businesses, large businesses, and everything in between!



Short format videos that grab the consumer’s attention and educate can help create a great impression of your company.


Videos will help you boost consumer’s time on your website, in turn helping your organic search rankings.


Increasing engagement on your website and social channels create a more brand aware and brand loyal consumer. Video format drives engagement like no other medium.


Quality video content isn’t out of reach. Bell Media’s Video Production and Distribution programs are professional and affordable.



Corporate video humanizes your brand, offering your customers an insider look at your company and its culture. Choosing corporate video provides an opportunity to create a personal, real-life look at your company and its mission.

Web & Marketing

Market your company, idea, or mission in an engaging, fun way. Connect with your audience as an industry leader through a marketing video that is personable, relaxed and unique to your brand.

Aerial Drone & Real Estate

Aerial drone video footage creates a unique perspective of your company and its location. In today’s world, drone footage is the industry standard for high-quality, engaging content.

Trade Show & Product Demo

Have a cool product but don’t know how to show it off? Trade Show/Product Demo video allows your customers to get a closer look at your product — with expert guidance from a professional on your team.

Event Coverage

If you host an event, and no one recorded it, did it really happen? Event coverage video allows you to highlight your successful event and give your customers a chance to feel a part of the action (if they weren’t able to attend).

Training, HR & Recruitment

Often overlooked, a well-executed training/HR video ensures your company understands the latest company policies in a professional, yet approachable manner. Recruitment videos gather interest in your company and showcase your unique benefits and culture to potential employees.

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