Signs that it’s time for a new website.

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The process of building a new website isn’t as fun as going to a party, but the outcome sure can yield greater dividends. We speak with business owners daily who have an outdated website and need design and technical expertise to bring their website into the modern era. Design trends and technology change rapidly which means that once your new website is published, the “consume by” date starts ticking. Having a company that can consistently update your website will ensure your site stays fresh, but we’re all guilty of letting our websites go a little too long without a refresh. This leads to a “tired website”. Here are some indicators that your website may be a bit tired and in need of a splash of water.

1)Your sales team is embarrassed to send your website link to prospects. That’s right. If the sales team would rather send them to the Facebook page or attach collateral, your website might not be portraying the “with-it” professional image you think it is.



2)You provide a disclaimer that “it’s been a while since we updated our website” when you ask someone to visit your website. Have you ever done this? It probably means your website is outdated and you’re not proud of it.



3)Your computer prompts you to download flash when you visit the website. Hmmm. Most moved past flash a few years. It might be time for an upgrade.




4)You have overused or cheesy stock photography on your website. The available images years ago weren’t as robust as they are today. Are your images played out or a bit goofy? Might be time for a refresh.


5)None of the phone numbers on the website are click-to-call buttons. Click-to-call buttons are critical for mobile traffic. If you don’t have click-to-call buttons your website may have been built before mobile devices were a thing.


6)You don’t have an SSL Certificate. Most old websites we see don’t have SSL certificates. They typically come standard with all new website builds. If you don’t have one, there might be a chance your website hasn’t been updated in many years.




7)Links and/or images don’t show up on your website anymore. When you go to your website are there missing links, misaligned content or images that don’t exist anymore? Because websites go through normal updates and version changes, these updates may cause links to break or images to disappear. If you’re commonly seeing missing images or broken links, it might be time for a refresh.




No need to have shame in your game. Maybe you’ve been too busy to update your website?  Whatever the reason,  if your website is several years old and ticks the box next to one or more of the above indicators, it’s worth taking the time now to find a local website provider to help bring your website up-to-speed.