2019 AMA Leadership Summit: The Power of Your Message

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Last week, I attended my first American Marketing Association (AMA) Leadership Summit — and I loved it!

Each year, the Summit brings together professional chapter leaders nationwide to share their experiences, connect with each other, and inspire our community to build a stronger AMA. This year, the theme was NEXT: Navigate Extraordinary.

Learning from the best

Over this three-day event in Chicago, I experienced a blend of conferences, keynote speakers, panels, breakout sessions, and networking. There were a lot of exceptional speakers and presentations, but one that blew me away was Stacy Armijo, from the AMA Austin Chapter. During the event, she was honored with the Rick Sweeney Volunteer of the Year Award.

There were a few things that stood out to me from Stacy’s presentation, including:

  • She had no words or sentences on any of her slides — only pictures!
  • She used different intonations with her voice to capture the audience
  • She was confident, held her head high, but was still fluid and natural

Together, these things made me think, Wow! She’s learned from the best.

Gratitude, Growth, Giving: Stacy’s Message

Her main message during the presentation was around the 3 G’s: Gratitude, Growth, and Giving.

To illustrate these points, she told us a story:

  • Gratitude. One day, there was a man that encouraged her to join the AMA board, and that’s when she started getting involved with her local chapter. She remembered how everyone was so welcoming. She said that if she could give that man a hug today to tell him how grateful she is for having joined the board back then, she would do it in a heartbeat because it enriched her life and she is so thankful for that moment.
  • Growth. She was afraid to speak in public and didn’t think she had what it takes to be a leader. She got the opportunity to grow her leadership skills and it made her grow so much personally and professionally.
  • Giving. It translates into what she is teaching her two kids and it’s all about transferring your knowledge to others.

After explaining the 3 G’s, Stacy also told us that she was asked to become the President-Elect of her AMA chapter at only 27 years old — the same thing happened to me at the age of 28!

Her involvement with the AMA throughout the past 15 years has contributed to the growth of her career, her personal development, and friendships with chapter members.


After her presentation, I went to meet her, and it was a thrilling experience to be able to connect with her on a personal level. We even got teary-eyed discussing our backgrounds and how much we have in common!

From her talk, I took away some key points to use in my own career development:

Whenever you give a presentation, you want to deliver a message, right? I’ve learned that behind the story there is often a message. When you are able to transmit that message to your audience, it usually means you have done a good job of communicating the main idea of your presentation. (Between you and me, no one will remember the details of your presentation.)

Personal and professional growth

Overall, I’m so grateful to be surrounded by inspiring leaders committed to making a difference to those around them. I’m dedicated to growing personally, within the AMA Birmingham board and in my career as a Digital Strategist at Bell Media, and I want to give back as much as I can to other young people in my life and community.

So, let me ask you a question: how do you express the 3 G’s of Gratitude, Growth and Giving in your life?

If you are interested in learning more about the American Marketing Association – Birmingham Chapter you can visit amabirmingham.org


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