Troy University’s Synergy Marketing Conference

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Last month Bell Media had the pleasure of sponsoring Troy University Montgomery’s first Synergy Marketing Conference.

This was an all-day event where over 50 professionals came together to learn from a variety of keynote speakers. The crowd was diverse with marketing coordinators, creative directors, communications specialists, and brand managers all networking together with Alabama’s industry leaders.

Synergy Marketing Conference:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing

Among the speakers at the Synergy Marketing Conference were some of Bell Media’s finest: Chuck Adams, VP of Business Development and Phyllis Rush, Director of Content Marketing. Chuck delivered a presentation on SEO while Phyllis spoke on Content Marketing.

Both of these sessions had critical takeaways and were the highlight of the day. Here are just a few examples of what you missed out on:

SEO Demystified

If you know anything about SEO then you know it is a complex topic for both the novice and the expert. Chuck, delivered a high-level presentation so impactful even the least experienced marketers were engaged. Here are a few key takeaways from his presentation:

  • If I build a website, then the right people will automatically see it.” If you happen to believe this, then you are not alone. Unfortunately, this is not like the movie Field of Dreams (“if you build it, they will come.”) What works for movies doesn’t translate to websites. To improve your organic rankings and visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing you have to dedicate time and resources.
  • SEO is not just about keywords. In order to improve your rank on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) so that your ideal customers will visit your website, you have to pay close attention to some other key areas that make up a robust SEO strategy:  
  1. Know your customer: understand what they are searching for and the problems they need solved
  2. Off-site SEO: anything that impacts your organic ranking outside of your website
  3. Local SEO: optimizing your site to show in the local search results
  4. Technical SEO: ensuring the backend of your website is healthy and can be easily indexed by search engines

Marketers are also utilizing SEO strategies to win the battle that the rapid evolution of voice search is creating.

Consider this, by 2020:

  • 50% of searches will be done by voice
  • 55% of US households will have a smart speaker like Alexa or Google Home
  • 30% of searches will be done on a device without a screen

If you use voice search, then you know that there is only one answer or, featured snippet,  provided back from search engines. So how do you get your website to become that #1 answer on Google? Know your customer and create content that is relevant to your customers and what they are searching for.

Content Marketing: a Business Storyteller

Content Marketing is the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content with the goal of attracting your target audience. In simple terms, Content Marketing is business storytelling. So why is storytelling such a big deal in today’s marketing world? Because the buyer says so!

  • 70% of buyers view four or more pieces of content when making a considered purchase
  • 71% of buyers trust brands that provide useful information without trying to sell something
  • 67% more leads are generated by B2B companies that create content

Would you be surprised to learn that a main component of SEO is content creation? In fact, organic rankings are heavily derived from website content. Google rewards websites that are willing to “give away” materials pertinent to their users.

But don’t think that just by posting a couple of blogs to your site and then forgetting about it will do the trick. Google knows that one too. To keep your content relevant and valuable to Google’s users, Phyllis recommends updating your site with fresh and relevant content at least twice a month.

How do you create relevant content? Writing educational and thought-leadership blogs is certainly one of the most critical pieces of content you can create, but it goes far beyond writing. Content can also be infographics, podcasts and video. Creating relevant content is about understanding what your customers are searching for. Phyllis suggests creating ICP’s (ideal customer profiles) to learn what type of content your customers are most likely to engage with.

After creating valuable content you’re ready to start marketing and remarketing to your customers through channels such as:

  • Targeted Display
  • Social Media
  • Email Newsletters
  • Online Video

Content Marketing and SEO just scratch the surface of the complex yet rewarding world of digital marketing

Both Chuck and Phyllis just touched the surface of the topics they delivered. Digital marketing is an art AND a science, and these two are experts at seamlessly pulling both attributes together.

Looking to boost your marketing knowledge in a meaningful way? Keep on the lookout for next year’s Synergy Marketing Conference and be sure to join us!


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