Medical Display Advertising

Are you looking to promote your medical facility, practice, or hospital? Bell Media can maximize your exposure by creating display campaigns that show your medical brand on top websites custom fit for your target audience.

Every market is different and this is why cookie-cutter approaches are unsuccessful in the medical market. We have come up with and specialize in customized medical display advertising campaigns.

What does this mean?

This means that our production experts have perfected our medical display campaigns approach. Google has many rules and regulations when it comes to building medical Display and search campaigns in Adwords. Through years of experience with trial and error, we know the best combinations of display targeting for a given audience or desired demographic. This means when one of our specialists builds your campaign(s), they know how to create a campaign(s) that will maximize your return on investment.

Why can’t everyone pull off a successful medical campaign?

The medical vertical has more rules and regulations than almost any other vertical especially on the Google Display Network. If you have someone creating a campaign for you that is not educated in these regulations, the chances your campaign will be suspended are very high. Since we work with medical campaigns every day, we have the knowledge to make sure your campaign runs smoothly from start to finish.

What types of targeting are available?

• Contextual Keyword Targeting
• Demographic (age, gender, income)
• Placement (website targeting)
• In-Market Targeting
• Interests
• Topics
• Remarketing

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