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In 2016 there was an estimated 1,315,561 licensed attorneys practicing in the United States.

That number combined with the 287,000,000 indexed search results in Google for the term “lawyer”, is evidence that this is a highly competitive industry. As a result, most legal professionals will need some assistance with their online visibility, digital marketing, and reputation management.

Bell Media offers a wide assortment of digital marketing products guaranteed to help lawyers and others operating in the legal industry with their online presence. From handling reviews, business listings, paid search campaigns as well as website development and optimization, Bell Media can assist legal professionals with their marketing needs.

See how we helped an attorney increase leads by 135%!

Bell Media helped a Personal Injury Attorney significantly increase quality lead volume with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Legal Marketing Specialists

Bell Media is a certified Google Premier Partner. This means our marketing specialists are trained and current with the latest Google products and are knowledgeable when it comes to the best tactics and strategies to utilize when trying to stand out in a highly competitive industry, such as the legal services industry.

Our team is highly qualified and ready to assist any lawyers or attorneys with the following digital marketing services:

If you need help with increasing your site’s overall search visibility and reach, implementing a new website or redesign, or generating qualified leads contact Bell Media today. Our legal marketing specialists are ready to help you grow your practice and dominate your competition.

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