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An Alabama Landscaping Company Needed More Customers, But Didn’t Want To Break The Bank.

In the fall of 2016, a landscaping company began working with Bell Media to develop a strategy aimed at generating more landscaping jobs while lowering their cost per acquisition. In a highly competitive industry, especially in the summer months, their website needed to be present when businesses and consumers searched for landscaping company phrases on search engines. Bell Media was up for the challenge.

Bell Media Formulates A Winning Strategy

After researching industry trends, common landscaping pain points and keyword volume, Bell Media developed a highly strategic paid search advertising campaign that would place the landscaping company’s website in prime positions on Google and Bing when landscaping services were being performed. Those who clicked on the paid search ad would be directed to a new, mobile-friendly website developed by Bell Media that contained conversion capture elements such as contact forms and call tracking.

Bell Media’s paid search strategy pays off for landscaping company!

At the start of the paid search advertising campaign, the landscaping company was acquiring leads at a cost of $54 per lead. By continuously analyzing and optimizing the campaign, Bell Media was able to decrease their cost per lead by over 70%. The landscaping company went from paying $54 per lead to $16!

Tactics Used

Created a paid search advertising campaign targeting businesses and consumers in search of landscaping services.

Developed a mobile-friendly website that was visually engaging and user-friendly to capture conversions.

Implemented call-tracking to analyze call quality for maximum optimization efforts.


70% Decrease in Cost Per Lead!

How much revenue does a new Landscaping Customer Mean For You?


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