Edwards had difficulty ranking in Google and Bing

Edwards Plumbing, Heating & Air is an established company in Montgomery, AL.  As the area competition continued growing & digital marketing tactics evolved, the competition was outranking Edwards in search engine results due to the competitive nature of the business.  It was difficult to rank organically for all 3 aspects of the business (heating, cooling, plumbing) without professional help.  Edwards wanted to increase online visibility and give consumers a better opportunity to choose them among the competition.

Bell Media Executes a Robust SEO Strategy

Bell Media recommended a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy targeting consumers who were “in market” for their products & services.  Regardless if you are a homeowner, business owner, maintenance or facilities manager…Edwards wanted the opportunity to win the business. After only a few months, Edward’s organic rankings improved and results followed.

Edward’s Improved Organic Rankings Pay Off

After implementing all facets of the strategy, keyword rankings for searches related to AC contractor, plumbing company and heating company in the Montgomery metro market all improved. In fact, Edwards is now the #1 organically listed local HVAC and Plumbing provider on Google. Over the past year, we have tracked form fill inquiries and visits to the “contact us” page on their website.  In just 12 months our efforts assisted in generating 900 total goal completions.  872 visits to the “contact us” page and 28 inbound form fill inquiries for service.


How Does Edwards Stack Up?

Google organic rankings compared to other local service providers.


HVAC Company, Montgomery, Al


Heat and Air, Montgomery, Al


Plumbing Company, Montgomery, Al


Heater Broken, Montgomery, Al

"Bell Media has helped us become more visible in online searches pertaining to the HVAC & Plumbing industries, which are hyper competitive spaces. Our search engine results have continued to improve as have our website generated leads & inbound phone calls. Bell is extremely accessible and a great partner!"
- Charlie Edwards | Edwards Plumbing and Heating


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