Why is Bell Media right for your social media channels?

Bell Media provides expert level social media services for the Independent Grocery Market. Bell Media works with small and mid-sized grocers who see the benefit of having a robust social media strategy.

We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about our social media offering, which we’ve listed in sections below. We know you might have several questions about our social media service, so we’ve provided a Frequently Asked Questions section further down the web page.  We’d love to speak with you about your grocery store to see if Bell Media’s social media services are a good fit for helping you grow your online audience. Feel free to call us at 844-380-BELL or fill out the form on this page to learn more.


Renfroe's Market

Renfroe's Market operates several stores. Bell Media has helped them manage and grow their social media channels.

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WM Grocery

WM Grocery is a growing independent chain with multiple locations. Bell has helped them significantly grow their audience through social.

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Bruce's Foodland

Bruce's Foodland operates eight stores. Bell Media has added and managed pages as they've expanded, resulting in significant audience growth.

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Benefits of Social Media for Independent Grocers



Social media is one of the only media channels with which you can reach your audience at a specific time of the day, enabling you to market your flash sales, weekly circulars or early evening pick-up items.

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With a robust social media strategy, you’ll generate more social media followers which creates a line of communication between your brand and it’s local area consumers. 



As a grocery store owner or manager, a major goal should be to communicate directly with your local consumer. Social media gives your customer base the opportunity to provide feedback and build loyalty.



Gaining insights into your customer base is critical for your grocery store’s success. Social Media insights provide demographic information about your followers giving you the opportunity to target and tailor your message more effectively.

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Building a robust social media following provides an opportunity to reach your best customers daily. By reaching your customer daily with time sensitive and valuable content, you’ll be creating more frequent shoppers.

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Sharing weekly circulars, flash sales, new items, store updates and daily deals adds value for your customers. Social media channels are the best avenue to deliver this value on a timely basis.

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Well, this may be the wrong question to ask. It should be more like “how many posts should I be making each day”? Bell Media makes posts daily (sometimes 2-3 times per day) on our customers pages. We do this because the life of a post is hours and in the world of shopping, we need to reach your local customers at the right time with the right message. 1-3 posts per day is our preference.

Bell Media will provide social media services all over the United States.

Bell Media takes a strategic hands-on approach when working with grocery stores. It’s important that you run weekly circular ad posts, provide flash sale content, add value through meal planning and meal kit items and anchor everything with a seasonal campaign. All with great imagery and brand consistency.

First and foremost, an open line of communication. In the grocery business things are moving in and out each day so taking advantage of opportunities is key. In addition, you want a social media partner who is proactive and comes up with creative ideas to keep local shoppers engaged.

Working with Bell Media means you’ll have tremendous support. You’ll work directly with a Customer Success Manager who works directly with a team who traffics content, creates images, etc. Collaboration and brainstorming is the key.

Data is always at your fingertips with 24/7 reporting dashboards. In addition, we’ll send a once per month report to your email inbox.

We have to scream this from the mountaintop….YES!!!! It’s been our experience that the results provided from one social media marketing company can be significantly improved if managed by Bell Media. Results rely on experience, attention to detail, collaboration, education and more, which not all digital marketing companies have. Social Media failures are typically a people problem.

Well, we’re not trying to be vague here but it all depends. We want to know your market size, grocery store size, average foot traffic, addressable market size, current page follower base, how many grocery stores you own/run, etc. Many variables go into determining a specific pricing structure for your store(s). All we can say is…..it’s worth it!

Bell Media has been in business over 10 years and has worked with hundreds of businesses.

It’s all about knowing the grocery store industry and what drives consumers to shop with you. Our experience in growing page followers is rooted in consistency, creativity, data and a team approach.

The onboarding process typically takes abut 2-3 weeks. Once we’re managing your page, you should start seeing new followers immediately.