Financial Website Development

A website helps your clients and prospects know you’re a serious organization. A website acts as the virtual storefront for your business.

A website isn’t exclusively used as a tool to build credibility; it has become a necessity for financial institutions as consumers are searching online for their needs more than ever. In today’s environment, your website can completely make or break your ability to succeed as a business. You need a website that is stylish, eye-catching, and most importantly functional with visibility in search engines. As a financial industry professional, you may not have the time or training necessary to properly develop a website, let alone maintain one. This is where Bell Media comes into play.

Our skilled developers can help our financial service clients with their new website or with redesigning an old and dated website. We’ll modernize old sites, create brand new sites, implement fresh designs, and make sure it’s all to our client’s standards. We know your website is the first step in ensuring your business’ credibility online, after all it’s what our business depends on too!

Mobile Friendly and Responsive Designs

There is far more to consider today when developing a website. At one point in time, all you had to worry about was making sure the site was clean and attractive for visitors coming from a home computer. However, things change and in today’s world mobile devices, including tablets, reign supreme. For most websites, the majority of their traffic will come from mobile users and as such, making sure you have a mobile friendly website is of paramount importance.

Our developers are ready to make sure your next website doesn’t just look good but that it is also able to handle mobile traffic and correctly display to mobile users. A site that is responsive to screen size and has features such as correctly spaced buttons for taps, ensures your website will be mobile user friendly and will assist in helping your website rank higher in Google.

Don’t risk damaging your credibility as a business by utilizing cut rate web developers. Contact Bell Media to ensure your site captures and converts mobile and desktop traffic across the web.

Security is Critical for Financial Service Provider Websites

Financial websites often collect people’s data. This can include retirement account information, bank records, billing information, and even just a login for a basic account. That data is often stored and secured. However, did you know your client’s data and even your own data could be at risk? If you collect user data and are still using HTTP, you might be potentially hurting your business and your client’s digital security. At Bell Media, we work with Financial Industry professionals to ensure their site is protected and set-up with necessary safety precautions.

Many sites still use HTTP but HTTP has been found to have several security flaws. Today, its recommended that websites use HTTPS to ensure their site’s information remains safe and secure. The developers at Bell Media not only know everything there is to know about secure hyper text transfer protocols but are ready to make sure your existing site or brand-new site remains as safe as the gold in Ft. Knox.  


% browse the internet for information before heading to a physical store.


% of consumers use multiple devices sequentially to find their information.


% of people will choose a different search result if the first website viewed is not mobile friendly.


% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.

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