Financial Search Engine Marketing

PPC or pay-per click is a form of digital advertising and internet marketing that gives one the ability to control costs, target keyword searches in Google, Yahoo and Bing, and put your ad in front of consumers actively looking for services you provide.

With PPC, it’s not necessary to compete for organic rankings in Google; nor do you need to be concerned with building links or other ranking factors that help a site perform well in search engine result pages. Through bidding on relevant keywords related to your business and creative ad writing, you can generate immediate in-market website traffic, see an impressive return on your PPC campaign investments and build a higher growth company. At Bell Media, we strive to ensure our financial service clients have competitive and finely tuned PPC campaigns designed to drive leads.

For financial industry professionals including CPAs, banks, accountants, and others, PPC places your name and business services in front of consumers while they are actively searching for your services online. Unlike placing an advertisement on TV, the radio, or in a magazine you won’t be required to pay a large fee for brand exposure, as PPC ads are only paid for when a consumer clicks it. With PPC, what you pay for is what you get, making this a highly effective form of advertising in terms of ROI and cost per acquisition.

What are PPC Ads?

When you search in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines you may have noticed that the first few results have text that says AD. These are PPC ads.

If the internet was a highway, a PPC ad would be the equivalent to a billboard that says GAS Next Exit when you need to fill up. As a result, websites that utilize PPC strategies and tactics can expect to see more relevant traffic to their website as well as more qualified leads from consumers actively searching for products and services you offer. Organizations who utilize PPC alongside a comprehensive SEO strategy stand the best chance of attracting and converting more customers than their competitors. The PPC specialists at Bell Media are here to ensure your PPC campaigns are up and running and performing their best with consistent optimizations and testing.

Our team will handle everything from keyword bidding to writing ad copy and A/B testing to ensure high performing campaigns . We’re certified in Google Adwords and have mastered the art of managing PPC campaigns. If you’re ready to drive qualified traffic to your site, improve your visibility and impression share in search, or if you’re just unsatisfied with the results you or a previous company generated during a past PPC campaign, Bell Media can help you achieve success. Contact us today to discuss how PPC campaigns can help your business.

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