The Alabama Auto Show

The Overview

In 2016, the largest Auto Show in Alabama hired Bell Media to raise awareness and drive attendance for their annual event. They asked us to develop a plan to reach a specific target audience on their mobile devices within four weeks leading up to the event. Bell Media accepted the challenge and began formulating the plan.

Bell Media Puts The Pedal To The Metal

After much research, Bell Media decided that a location-based mobile advertising campaign would be the best tactic to reach the objectives defined by the Auto Show.

We drew invisible geo-fences around a competing auto show that occurred 60 days prior to the event to capture the mobile device IDs of all attendees at the competing show. We then served retargeting ads of our Auto Show to them.

Bell’s Campaign Generates 224 Visitors!

523,000 impressions were served, generating 2,946 clicks and 224 Verified Walk-ins (7.6%)! The campaign’s performance lead to a campaign renewal for the 2017 Auto Show with a doubling of the budget.

Tactics Used

Created a location-based mobile campaign targeting people that physically attended a competing auto show.


224 Verified Walk-ins

How much revenue does a new Event Attendee mean for you?


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