Display Advertising For Educational Institutions

Are you looking to promote your educational institution? The professionals at Bell Media have extensive experience helping schools and universities gain visibility on top websites custom fit to reach the right target market through display advertising campaigns.


One-size fits all campaigns do not work for educational ad campaigns. This is why our professionals hand tailor all of our display advertising campaigns to meet the unique needs of each specific institution. Bell Media will create hand tailored campaigns to ensure fulfillment of your brand lift and enrollment goals.

What does this mean?

Bell Media has perfected its display campaigns for the educational industry through years of experience. Our certified display ad campaign specialists will setup your campaign, find the best targeting mechanisms to reach your target audience and help get your message to potential students who are best fit for enrollment at your school.

Every campaign constructed by Bell Media will be completed by a Google trained and certified professional. All of our specialists are experienced with the most advanced targeting methods but they’re also knowledgeable about the industry vertical restraints as well. This helps us maximize our clients’ return on investment as well as increase traffic and enrollment to your school. 

Types of targeting available

• Contextual Keyword Targeting
• Demographic
Placement (website targeting)

What Types Of Display Ads Can We Run?

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Responsive (Native) Ads
If you want to attain more students, establish a stronger digital presence, or grow your brand then be sure to contact Bell Media and ask about how our display advertising services can work for you.

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