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Bell Media’s Birmingham, Alabama team has developed and implemented hundreds of digital media campaigns over the past three years for small and mid-sized businesses in the area. We pride ourselves in developing and implementing digital strategies that are tailored for each customer to help generate measurable results. Bell Media – Birmingham’s product and service offerings include website design, search engine marketing, display advertising, mobile marketing, SEO, email marketing, indoor digital advertising and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing in Birmingham

What digital marketing services do you offer in Birmingham?

Bell Media’s core service offerings include paid search, search engine optimization, content marketing and website development. In addition, we’re experts in digital marketing reporting and analytics.

How are you different from other digital agencies in Birmingham?

First, we’re a Google Premier Partner which puts us in the top 3% of agencies in the country. To become and maintain our Google Premier Partners status, we must have a certain number of Google Certifications (we have over 150!), we must consistently show high customer retention numbers, prove our ability to grow accounts and last we must always hit high conversion benchmarks for our customers. In addition to being a Google Premier Partner we have a team that’s large enough to handle bigger projects that can scale. We have approximately 70 team members split between our Birmingham, Montgomery and Nashville offices. Last, we consider ourselves business consultants first. We start with understanding your company’s challenges, opportunities and goals and develop a digital strategy that will help you get there (based on data).

How much does digital marketing in Birmingham cost?

It’s difficult to provide a price without knowing what you’d like to accomplish. For instance, if you want to grow by 10 new customers per month the investment needed will vary compared to a similar company who wants to secure 20 new customers per month. We first need to undertand tangible outcomes you desire, then we can do keyword research and a market analysis to provide a roadmap and investment level to help you get there; all within the context of a desireable return on investment.

How much support will I get after my campaigns go live?

You’ll receive the support of your Digital Consultant as well as a Customer Success Manager who will help with strategy, reporting, internal communication and asset trafficking. In addition, you’ll have specialists working on every aspect of your campaign to ensure consistent optimizations to deliver desired outcomes.

What's Search Engine Dominance?

You can learn more by clicking here: What is Search Engine Dominance? In short, achieving search engine dominance means occupying more than one position on page 1 of google for high value keywords relevant for your business. At BELL we utilize a specific combination of services and tactics to help our customers occupy multiple positions on page 1 of search. If your business occupies 3 listings vs 1 on page 1, you stand a good chance of improving in-market website visits and conversions from Google by 200%.

Do you think SEO will help my Birmingham business?

It’s difficult to say without doing a keyword, website and market analysis. That said, for B2C organizations operating in competitive markets, SEO can be a very productive service that drives significant value. 70% of purchases start and end with an online search, so there aren’t many scenarios where having stronger organic Google visibility will hurt.

Will I get reporting regularly?

Absolutely! You’ll get 24-7 access to a robust online dashboard that covers campaign performance, analytics, inbound leads, etc. You’ll also receive once per month pdf reports with a trailing 30 day overview. Last, your Digital Consultant and Customer Success Manager will meet with you on a frequent basis to discuss campaign outcomes, insightful information and business metrics.

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Digital Thought Leadership in Alabama

Our team is packed with specialists that are leading the way in local communities around the South. Read our original articles and check out our Webinar and Bell Bash Series.

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“Bell Media has continued to be a great resource and is someone that we can count on.”

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Why Choose Bell as your Digital Marketing Agency?

Not all digital marketing agencies are the same. See what’s different about BELL and how this will help your business grow.


Bell Media is a Google Premier Partner and has over 150 Google Certifications. A better educated team equals better tangible outcomes for your business.

Analytics Experts

Analytics experts provide more value! Our team uses a data backed approach for optimizations and provides insights beyond clicks and impressions.

Outcome Obsessed

We focus on driving outcomes, not impressions and clicks. Delivering campaigns focused on outcomes drives tangible business value.


What you’ll feel from the start is that the Bell Media team is engaged in your business and is always there to provide pro-active support.

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