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At Bell Media, it’s about outcomes first. We start every engagement by understanding your company’s challenges, opportunities and desired goals. We then get to work formulating a strategy that will help you get to where you want to go.

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Creating a frictionless user experience on your website is key for capitalizing on website visitors and converting them to leads.

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Providing useful and rich content on your website will provide a better overall user experience and assists in improving organic search rankings.



Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search) can create instant top of page 1 visibility that drives website visits and inbound leads.



On-Going SEO should result in the greatest source of in-market website traffic and inbound lead volume.

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We offer a wide array of services but our core offerings include website development, seo, paid search and content marketing. These are the ingredients of a healthy search engine dominance strategy.

There are several ways in which Bell Media is different. First, we’re a Google Premier partner which is designated for the top 3% of agencies. Also, we’re specialists, not generalists. This means a trained expert will be working specifically on a single service for you. This will ensure outcomes by service are greater. Last, we have significant experience in driving great returns for our customers within a wide array of industries. Please trust us when we say there can be major differences from one agency to the other and the implications can be a distrinct different in outcomes for your business.

Competing for local Google rankings can be touch. If you need more website traffic that leads to customers, on-going SEO is a critical aspect of any lead generation effort. Solid organic rankings create the foundation of online success.

PPC is a channel we recommend in support of your overall search engine dominance strategy. Occupying more listings on page 1 of search will yield greater website traffic and in-market leads for your business. PPC also enables your business to rank immediately in Google for keywords that you may not rank for organically.

First, you’ll recieve 24-7 access to an online dashboard that shows your campaign metrics, engagement and leads. We’ll also hold a monthly insights meeting with you to go over the results driven from our efforts and share insights into your industry, competitive landscape and website visitor audiences.

We pride ourselves on customer success after campaign launch. Not only will you continue working with a Digital Consultant, you’ll have a dedicate Customer Success Manager who will provide value on-going in support of your desired outcomes. Your Customer Success Manager is always there to help!

On-boarding typically takes 7-14 days. Once campaigns are live, if there’s a PPC component we will begin driving traffic to your website in the first couple of days. With a healthy Search Engine Dominance strategy you’ll see immediate web traffic that continues to pick up over time.