Convert prospects with these 4 tips for excellent website content

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As potential customers check out your website, you have less than 15 seconds to make an impression. Because most people have such a short attention span these days, your website content needs to be able to pique their interest right off the bat. Your website is your first impression and virtual storefront, so you need clear and concise messaging if you want people to stay long enough to convert and become a new customer. 

You may know your company inside and out, but you may not know how to transfer your thoughts onto your webpages. Content creation is where most people struggle when creating a new website for their business. 

Let’s look at some tips for how to create great content and keep potential customers on your website for more than a few seconds. 

1. Record conversations with customers

You may be able to ‘sell the hell’ out of your business when you’re face-to-face or on the phone with a customer, but how do you translate those words onto your website? The answer is to turn on your phone’s voice recorder and document your conversations. 

Typically, when customers ask about your company, you’re telling them about your history, how talented your staff is, how you stand out from your competition, and whatever else you need to say to convince them that you’re the best. Convert this information and confidence to website text, and you now have content for your About page. 

2. Provide plenty of details on each page

We’ve seen so many service webpages that solely contain bullet points that look like this: 

Our Services

  • Roof installation
  • Roof repair
  • Roof replacement

Can you imagine if a potential customer asked you to tell them about your services, and you simply replied, “Roof installation, Roof repair, Roof replacement”? You wouldn’t stand a chance of converting that customer. 

When you meet potential customers in person, you have so much to say about your company. Write down those same great details about the services you offer and why they’re the right fit for your prospects. 

Include information about what your services entail, the areas you service, and what customers can expect when they reach out to you. You could also boast about your excellent service record and years of experience. 

There you have your services webpage. It’s that easy. 

3. If you find yourself overwhelmed – Hire help!

If you just can’t make the time to write your website content, then you can get the help of a digital agency with a Content Marketing department. You should still be prepared to give them direction because only you know your company the best. 

4. Include additional content

Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by adding additional content to your website in the form of a blog or news section. You can then market this content to draw potential customers to your website by implementing a content marketing strategy. 

Hiring content marketing experts can be a big help when you want to create additional content for your website. These talented individuals can come up with topics relevant to your field, conduct research, get your knowledge and input, and write blog posts or news articles for your website. This content is beneficial because it answers your customer’s questions in more depth, making you the authority on the topic and building their trust in your expertise. 


Great content that is clear, concise, and engaging is essential to the success of your digital strategy. People are looking for your online presence, and you only have 15 seconds to grab their attention when they find you. If your website isn’t offering answers to their questions right away, then they will find another one that does, and that will more than likely be one of your competitors. 

So get to work on your content so you can have the excellent website you deserve!

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