Marketing that Provides Sales Lift for Chattanooga, Tennessee businesses.

At Bell Media, we believe in measurable results that help you stand out in crowded digital markets. If you need
growth-driven and innovative messaging to cut through the digital noise, we can help.

We grow companies, just like yours every day. If you have marketing questions, we’ve got answers. Bell Media offers the unmatched digital marketing solutions you need to grow your brand. Please take a moment to review the FAQ’s section below for more information. At Bell Media, we are client-centric by design. You and your needs come first. Period. If you would like to connect with us, please call 844-380-BELL or just use our contact form to set up a meeting.

If you need calculated marketing recommendations that generate results, we can help!




Can’t get off the starter blocks? Ready to hit your stride? If you are stuck on page two or beyond and want to rise to the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, we can help. We offer Search Engine Marketing services that launch you to the top, even in flooded markets.



Our high-yield SEO services provide accelerated lift, allowing you to rank higher on search engines faster. Get relevant search engine traffic, high yield lead conversions, and increased clicks in organic rankings in Chattanooga, TN.

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Your website must connect with the reader in under 30 seconds or you could lose out. If you want digital marketing that compels, with an impactful website that supports your brand, give us a call.

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Content Marketing is a powerful tool as it helps create a better user experience on your website, can boost Search Engine Optimization efforts and nurtures prospects on their path to purchase. Position yourself as a thought leader with a robust content marketing plan.

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We provide a range of advanced digital services for areas in and around the Chattanooga, TN area, including all of Hamilton County. 

Bell Media offers a robust service list but specializes in SEO, Paid Search, Content Marketing and Web Design and Development.

At Bell Media, we know talk is cheap. That’s why we offer proven, trackable results you can trust. We use sophisticated analytics that go deeper than surface numbers. Our team of dedicated professionals hold over 120 Google certifications.

Bell Media is a recognized Google Premier Partner.  This award is presented to only to companies with a proven record of superlative campaign performance, experience, and credentials.

We believe in client-defined returns. In other words, we work with you to spell out your goals and outcomes. Our benchmark is set by your needs and expectations. If you need a certain number of highly qualified leads per month, that becomes our touchstone. If you want dramatically increased web visibility in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we provide the digital fuel you need to get there.

Absolutely! We know you have a lot on your plate. So, when you need answers, you get them. No runaround. No wasted time. With a designated Digital Consultant, highly trained Customer Success Managers and hands-on experts in all forms of digital products and services, we do all the heavy lifting for you. You take care of your business. We take care of you.

We know you need regular, informative feedback on your digital campaigns. Alongside a strategically oriented monthly insight call with your Customer Success Manager, you’ll have 365, 24-7 access to a real-time, at-a-glance dashboard. Get the campaign performance information you need on your terms.

Anyone can say they do it better. At Bell Media, we prove it. Every. Single. Day. We provide tangible, trackable results you can see. We understand that most campaigns don’t fail because of the service or product itself. Campaigns fall flat because of poorly executed maneuvers that use a shotgun when they needed a laser-focused precision strike instead.

We work with companies of all sizes. Our affordable services can be scaled up or down to fit almost any company budget. Stop collecting digital dust on your campaigns and start collecting new customers instead. Call today.

With over a decade of relevant experience, we help hundreds of growing small and mid-sized businesses increase their ranking and improve their bottom line. Get the ROI you deserve with Bell Media today.

While we can’t conduct a black box analysis of your PPC crash without the specifics, we do know that a lot of companies lose money because their search terms are irrelevant. Others are not well planned, use poor intake processes, or provide destination content that just doesn’t cut it. At Bell, we understand not only how to drive high-value traffic, but to increase your conversion rates. We provide highly nuanced, useable information that illuminates the deeper connotations within the metrics themselves. All while creating copy and content that resonate with your target market.

We can go live in as little as 10-30 days, depending on your needs, the scope of your campaign, and the services you select.  In most cases, your new campaign is only a few weeks away.

At Bell Media, we know that one size most definitely does not fit all. That’s why we use a carefully formulated attack plan for every campaign. We track meaningful metrics such as heatmaps, AB testing, branding, click counts and more to provide you the powerful insights you need to move forward.

Forget Horse and Buggy Metrics. Get Formula One Results with Bell Media. Call Now!