Search Engine Dominance Webinar Questions

During our recent Webinar, we received several great questions that we’re addressing here. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] If you missed the webinar, no problem! Visit What is Search Engine Dominance to watch the recorded video. As a marketing agency, how do you diffuse the question from a client…”I googled […]

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What is SEO and how can it grow my business?

If you landed on this page and are reading this blog, there is a high probability you found this content through a search engine. In fact, 93% of all website traffic comes through search engines. It’s also safe to assume the reason you are here is that you want to learn more about Search Engine [...]
Google Marketing Live 2019: Day 1

Google Marketing Live 2019 Recap

It was a fast start to the day as Google announced key new initiatives, product launches, and enhancements for Google Shopping, Google Discover, and YouTube (just to name a few) at Google Marketing Live 2019 in San Francisco, CA.   Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the key announcements. Google Shopping: 3 New […]

SEO & Content Marketing, popular topics at this year’s Synergy Marketing Conference.

Troy University’s Synergy Marketing Conference

Last month Bell Media had the pleasure of sponsoring Troy University Montgomery’s first Synergy Marketing Conference. This was an all-day event where over 50 professionals came together to learn from a variety of keynote speakers. The crowd was diverse with marketing coordinators, creative directors, communications specialists, and brand managers all networking together with Alabama’s industry […]

SEO in Simple Terms

SEO in simple terms: bring prospects to you; increase sales

There is no lack of articles on the internet about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its benefits.  But we find a lot of times that they’re written in a very technical way, and they don’t address the bigger picture of what SEO can really mean to a business. So consider this statistic:  70% of B2C […]

Leads from your website

Collect more new leads off your website with this simple advice

By Ryan Files Websites are meant to bring you new leads. It’s critical when creating or redeveloping your website to keep the idea of driving new leads in mind from the very beginning. What is important for your prospects to learn about your company right away? What are some different ways they like to consume […]

B2B Marketing

How to Succeed with B2B Digital Marketing

Businesses who provide products or services to other businesses may feel their digital marketing efforts haven’t worked in the past. It’s true, B2B marketing has its fair share of challenges; if businesses invest in the wrong digital marketing solutions to drive leads, then it’s likely the investment ROI will fall short of expectations. Let’s face […]

2018 SEO Trends

Today we are going over 5 SEO trends in 2018, that if implemented correctly can help create the quality web traffic & profits your company is looking for. AMP AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are a “slimmed down” form of HTML which allows for almost instantaneous load times for web pages viewed on mobile or [...]

What’s Your Customer’s Path-to-Purchase?

Have you ever asked your customer “Where did you hear about us”?   This is a commonly asked question for small to mid-sized business owners and managers…and rightfully so. We all want to know where our leads and sales opportunities derive. There’s an inherent challenge with this question though; a consumer’s path-to-purchase is most likely […]