Scott Bell, keynote speaker AMA Birmingham Luncheon

How Much Should You Invest in Sales and Marketing?

Last week I attended the American Marketing Association’s January Luncheon. It’s no coincidence that Bell Media’s very own Scott Bell, Founder and CEO, was the guest speaker of the event. The theme of the discussion was to outline the process and metrics business owners should be thinking about when trying to determine how much to […]

What is an Assisted Conversion?

Interested in learning more about Assisted Conversions? How about the best method for finding these conversions within Google Analytics? In this article, we’ll take a quick look at what makes up an assisted conversion, why it’s important to understand them and how to navigate Google Analytics to find and report data.   Why should I […]

Top 5 things to consider when creating your 2019 marketing plan

Top 5 things to consider for your 2019 marketing plan

It’s time to create your 2019 marketing strategy. This is your opportunity to not only reflect back on the previous year but also get focused on creating success for the year ahead. But before diving into which platforms and tools to use, you’ll be well-served if you dig a little deeper, and look at the […]

Reputation Management

Customers talking about you online? Grab a seat at the table

By Michelle Nieset, VP of Customer Success Online reputation management is the new word of mouth advertising. Today’s online customer is no longer a passive audience.  They are instead very vocal about what they like and dislike.  They are also creating user-generated content that can influence your online reputation. As consumers in the world of […]

rethink digital marketing

3 ways marketers should rethink digital campaign measurement

By Chuck Adams, Vice President of Business Development We love digital advertising because of the ability to track and measure outcomes – it is the very reason why Bell Media moved into this space.  However, the evolving customer journey is forcing a change in how we measure and analyze campaigns’ metrics. Way back in the […]

Six ways to use Content Marketing to drive leads and win new business

Businesses like yours are on a constant look-out for new, innovative ways to get new leads and win new business for your company.  I’m sure that you have tried many different ways to make this happen; some have been successful, and some have flopped.  I’d like to talk to you today about utilizing Content Marketing […]


Bell Media Acquires Carted, an online digital advertising platform for independent grocers

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Bell Media, a Digital Marketing Agency focused on solving problems and delivering desired business outcomes for their clients, recently announced that they have acquired Carted, an online shopping and digital marketing provider for grocers.   Carted offers tools designed specifically for the independent grocer, and features three layers of marketing products that […]

Three ways Alexander Shunnarah became a marketing phenom

Photo credit:  Eric Gray Photography Alexander Shunnarah is a “big deal” here in Alabama.   A local hometown personal injury attorney made good nationally, Shunnarah is known for his heavy billboards, TV commercials, and digital ad campaigns seen ubiquitously wherever you go. I attended a Birmingham chapter meeting of the American Marketing Association yesterday, and […]

5 Google Adwords Features to Utilize in 2018

Interest Targeting At times, targeting a specific audience with search ads can be a challenge, despite your best efforts to bid on specific keywords relevant to your business. This can particularly be true when running a PPC campaign for a B2B company. Keywords without context have a tendency to create challenges for driving the most [...]

2018 SEO Trends

Today we are going over 5 SEO trends in 2018, that if implemented correctly can help create the quality web traffic & profits your company is looking for. AMP AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are a “slimmed down” form of HTML which allows for almost instantaneous load times for web pages viewed on mobile or [...]