Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization: Leading the Digital Search Revolution

Voice Search Optimization – Yeah, we’re living in the future. We’re sure you can recall a time where you’ve come across an article about new-fangled technology that made you think “no way this is really happening” and shrugged it off. With the influx of technological advances and smartphone innovations, information is traveling quicker than ever […]

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5 Google Adwords Features to Utilize in 2018

Interest Targeting At times, targeting a specific audience with search ads can be a challenge, despite your best efforts to bid on specific keywords relevant to your business. This can particularly be true when running a PPC campaign for a B2B company. Keywords without context have a tendency to create challenges for driving the most [...]

2018 SEO Trends

Today we are going over 5 SEO trends in 2018, that if implemented correctly can help create the quality web traffic & profits your company is looking for. AMP AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are a “slimmed down” form of HTML which allows for almost instantaneous load times for web pages viewed on mobile or [...]

What’s Your Customer’s Path-to-Purchase?

Have you ever asked your customer “Where did you hear about us”?   This is a commonly asked question for small to mid-sized business owners and managers…and rightfully so. We all want to know where our leads and sales opportunities derive. There’s an inherent challenge with this question though; a consumer’s path-to-purchase is most likely […]

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Bell Media Achieves Google Premier Partner Status

BIRMINGHAM, AL. (Aug. 14, 2017) — Alabama digital marketing agency Bell Media has been named an official Google Premier Partner. Google's Premier Partner status is the highest level of Google's Partner program that an agency can achieve and is designated for only a small percentage of the top performing Google Partners. Bell Media is one of [...]
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What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing – March 2017

The March 2017 edition of What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing covers Instagram Shopping, location extensions for Google Display Ads, new LinkedIn advertising features and Facebook Native Video stats. Let’s dive in. Let's Go Shopping...On Instagram On March 21st, Instagram rolled out Instagram Shopping, which allows apparel, jewelry and beauty brands to create posts [...]
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What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing – February 2017

Happy February! How was your V-Day? Have a nice meal? Get some chocolates? That's nice. Let's jump into the February 2017 installment of What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing.  In the February edition, we cover Email Marketing Trends, Google Search Ads visual changes and Mobile Video Trends. Enjoy!   Email is NOT dead With the quick rise of [...]

The Digital Marketing Relay Race – 10 Minute Digital – Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of Bell Media’s 10 Minute Digital Series. This week, Bell Media’s VP of Business Development, Casey Pilgrim, joins us to discuss the Digital Marketing Relay Race. Transcription of the audio can be found below. Enjoy! Matt: We here at Bell Media meet with multiple clients every single week. Multiple prospective clients. We […]

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What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing – November 2016

Greetings everyone! It's time for another edition of What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing.  In the November Edition, we'll be covering Facebook's new remarketing features, Google and Facebook's fight against fake news and 2016 digital marketing holiday stats. Before we begin, the Bell Media family would like to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. [...]
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Scaling an Online Marketing Company – 10 Minute Digital – Episode 1

Greetings everyone! We're excited to debut Bell Media's new audio series called 10 Minute Digital. This new series revolves around all-things digital marketing. Marketing experts from the Bell Media team, as well as a few special guests, will chat about today's most innovative marketing tactics that marketers and business owners can use to promote their brand, drive [...]