Search Engine Dominance Webinar Questions

During our recent Webinar, we received several great questions that we’re addressing here. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] If you missed the webinar, no problem! Visit What is Search Engine Dominance to watch the recorded video. As a marketing agency, how do you diffuse the question from a client…”I googled […]

SEO & Content Marketing, popular topics at this year’s Synergy Marketing Conference.

Troy University’s Synergy Marketing Conference

Last month Bell Media had the pleasure of sponsoring Troy University Montgomery’s first Synergy Marketing Conference. This was an all-day event where over 50 professionals came together to learn from a variety of keynote speakers. The crowd was diverse with marketing coordinators, creative directors, communications specialists, and brand managers all networking together with Alabama’s industry […]

Track Your Content Marketing Campaign

3 Metrics to Track Your Content Marketing Campaign

As the Director of Content Marketing, I’ve seen firsthand the successes (and failures) of a content marketing campaign, and I’ve learned over time how to track if your content efforts are paying off -- without getting too technical! Companies are becoming wiser to the importance of effective content marketing: they realize it drives organic traffic, [...]
Blogging doesn't have to be hard

Blogging doesn’t have to be hard

Every business owner or Marketing Director will tell you they struggle with making blogging a priority.  Why? They certainly believe in the power of content marketing. They certainly want to nurture and educate their prospective and current customers with targeted, intelligent, insightful information.  They certainly want to gain the attention of Google to improve their […]

Facebook Algorithm

Avoiding Facebook’s algorithm change pitfalls

As you’ve possibly read by now, Facebook has changed their algorithm again for what users see in their Newsfeed.  Therefore, I sat down this week with our social media and digital marketing team to get the scoop on what it means to YOU as a business page owner.  We came up with some ideas and […]

B2B Marketing

How to Succeed with B2B Digital Marketing

Businesses who provide products or services to other businesses may feel their digital marketing efforts haven’t worked in the past. It’s true, B2B marketing has its fair share of challenges; if businesses invest in the wrong digital marketing solutions to drive leads, then it’s likely the investment ROI will fall short of expectations. Let’s face […]