Bell Media Case Studies

We get it. Before you move forward with us, you want proof that A) We’re the crew that can help you win and B) this digital marketing thing really works. Below are accounts of the success we’ve had with our clients and the tools and tactics used to help them reach their goals.

Case Study - Orthopaedic Surgeons

Significant Improvements in One Month

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Case Study - Personal Injury Attorney

Increase in ALL Major KPIs

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Case Study - Auto Show

224 Verified Walk-Ins

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Orthopaedic Surgeons Case Study


In the fall of 2016, one of the top Orthopaedic Surgeons in Alabama hired Bell Media to execute a multi-channel online marketing campaign to increase website visitors and phone calls. The group of Surgeons previously attempted to carry out the strategy with another local vendor, but due to high turnover rates and having to re-teach their business needs/industry to new reps, they decided to seek out another vendor. They also expressed to Bell that they were seeking out a team of TRUE digital consultants, a team who understands the online industry and would make honest recommendations based on their needs. Bell Media was up for the challenge.

Services Provided

Bell Media took a multi-channel approach to execute the digital marketing campaign. The strategy consisted of search engine marketing (PPC), search engine optimization, display advertising, social advertising and indoor advertising.

The Results

In just the first month of the new campaign and using the exact same investment, Bell Media significantly outperformed the previous vendor, increasing the firm’s online exposure, driving more website visits and producing more phone calls.



Competitor – 52,512
Bell Media – 160,248
205% Increase

Search CTR

Competitor – 6.35%
Bell Media – 7.79%
23% Increase

Total Clicks

Competitor – 767
Bell Media – 1,593
108% Increase

Total Calls

Competitor – 90
Bell Media – 284
215% Increase

Personal Injury Attorney Case Study


In the fall of 2016, a regionally-known personal injury firm tasked Bell Media to improve their online presence for consumers in four southeast metro areas looking for a personal injury or auto accident attorney. The firm previously ran an online campaign with a previous vendor, but were unsatisfied with the results. The number of leads was low, the quality of the leads were poor and website traffic was below expectations. Bell Media was up for the challenge.

Services Provided

Bell Media proposed a multi-channel marketing strategy that would include the following: For lead generation, highly targeted search engine marketing campaigns would be deployed and the traffic would be routed to conversion-based landing pages. To improve website traffic numbers, a multi-market SEO strategy was implemented.

The Results

Bell Media significantly improved all of the firm’s major KPI’s over a five month period, producing over 3,000 conversions and most notably, reducing the average cost per conversion by 135%.


Total Clicks

Month 1 – 672
Month 5 – 1,103
64% Increase

SEM Calls

Month 1 – 134
Month 5 – 203
51% Increase

SEO Traffic

Month 1 – 1,092
Month 5 – 1,390
27% Increase

SEO Chats

Month 1 – 516
Month 5 – 1,367
165% Increase


Month 1 – 727
Month 5 – 1,711
135% Increase


Month 1 – 23.9
Month 5 – 56.2
135% Increase


Month 1 – $28.06
Month 5 – $11.92
58% Decrease

Total Chats

Month 1 – 690
Month 5 – 1,012
47% Increase

Auto Show Case Study

Auto Show Case Study


In 2016, the largest Auto Show in Alabama hired Bell Media to raise awareness and drive attendance for their annual event. They asked us to develop a plan to reach a specific target audience on their mobile devices within four weeks leading up to the event. Bell Media accepted the challenge and began formulating the plan.

Services Provided

After much research, Bell Media decided that a location-based mobile advertising campaign would be the best tactic to reach the objectives defined by the Auto Show.

We drew invisible geo-fences around a competing auto show that occurred 60 days prior to the event to capture the mobile device IDs of all attendees at the competing show. We then served retargeting ads of our Auto Show to them.

The Results

523,000 impressions were served, generating 2,946 clicks and 224 Verified Walk-ins (7.6%)! The campaign’s performance lead to a campaign renewal for the 2017 Auto Show with a doubling of the budget.

Haunted House Case Study


A popular haunted house teamed up with Bell Media to execute a digital marketing strategy to increase online and in-person ticket sales. Since the majority of visitors to the house fell into the millenial demographic, Bell Media knew that a mobile strategy would need to come into play.

The Strategy

Using a location-based mobile strategy, the Bell Media team geofenced the entire Birmingham DMA but filtered the fence to ONLY target millenials and entertainment enthusiasts. Qualified users would be served a mobile ad that allowed them to visit a conversion-based landing page or get directions to the site of the house.

The Results

The campaign was a roaring success, generating 183 total conversions with a 10.38% conversion rate, two times higher than Google’s benchmark conversion rate. In addition, close to 200,000 ads were served, which served as a powerful brand awareness tool to the target market.


Total Conversions


% Conversion Rate