One of the biggest gripes we hear from clients that have previously invested in online marketing is “we never fully understood what we were buying.” At Bell Media, we believe in educating our clients, so much that we require all of our employees to be Google Certified. We’ll help you understand important campaign metrics like conversions, clicks, CTRs, CPMs and CPCs so you’ll have a better understanding of what it takes to achieve your KPIs.

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Data Driven

Gone are the days of launching ad campaigns based on gut feelings and hunches. Thousands of data points are available at our disposal and we use them to your advantage. We research trends, analytics, market opportunities and even your competition to craft a custom-tailored solution that will make a significant impact on your business.

Digital Consultancy

At Bell Media, we understand that every business has its own definition of success. That’s why all of our solutions are custom-built and not pre-bundled packages. Before you even see a proposal from us, we hold a discovery meeting with you to acquire a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. Once we obtain that information, we then propose a strategy that ONLY includes solutions that will benefit your business. 

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We believe that our customers have the right to view their campaign data from anywhere at any time. Every impression, click and conversion is documented and can be viewed through our 24/7 Campaign Dashboard.


We’ve invested in top-level talent to drive your marketing strategy. The Bell Media team is comprised of accomplished, certified industry experts (20+ Google Experts) that have worked for Google, Cobalt and other global online brands, giving you full confidence that your campaigns are being handled by true online marketing experts.

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We don’t believe in outsourcing our services. We believe in hiring local talent that can have face-to-face conversations with our clients. All of our work is produced in the United States of America.

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Bell Media has the team, resources, expertise and drive to help you WIN in the digital space. If you’re ready to increase your online exposure, boost ROI, promote your brand and engage with consumers, simply fill out the contact form below. We’re ready to go to work for you!

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