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Indoor Advertising for Airports

Ad Supported Network – Building your company’s brand in the local community is integral for on-going success. Bell Media offers the largest ad-supported indoor digital advertising network in the South with over 500 venues delivering 3,750,000 unique brand impressions for our advertisers. Target the Airport vertical and reduce advertising waste by delivering venue targeting, community targeting, market targeting or statewide coverage.

Why Our Indoor Advertising for Airports is Different

We know the local market and have the ability to formulate an expert plan serving Indoor Ads and increase exposure for your Airport. Whether you want to prioritize marketing in your city or in our other 500+ venues, we can pinpoint your target market group and help you reach a captive audience increasing your ROI with low rate CPM’s.

Indoor Advertising Features

Reach Captive Audiences

Indoor digital screens are located in venues with an identifiable audience that can be measured. The most common way of measuring audience is “Dwell Time”. Bell’s Ad-Supported network boasts a 42 minute dwell time per consumer putting your message in front of each consumer for an extended period of time.


Using digital signage as a promotional vehicle is cost effective and can produce a high ROI. Generating a high ROI is accomplished by delivering low CPM rates, specific consumer targeting and low barriers to on-going content customization.

Build Your Brand

Brand awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognized and having a strong brand in your community will have positive implications. Delivering consistent brand impressions to your target market with digital signage will afford you the opportunity to build a stronger name and reap the benefits of greater brand awareness.

Total Flexibility

Your business never stops and your offerings continue to evolve. Leverage the flexibility of digital signage platforms to tailor your ads and promotions throughout the month. With digital signage, changing your message and getting more from your advertising space has never been easier.

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Indoor Advertising Stats


% of buying decisions are made at the point-of-sale.


% of consumers say indoor ads are more prominent than television ads.


% say digital signage catches their attention.


% of surveyed Small Business Owners said they thought indoor advertising had brought them new customers.