How to Succeed with B2B Digital Marketing

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Businesses who provide products or services to other businesses may feel their digital marketing efforts haven’t worked in the past. It’s true, B2B marketing has its fair share of challenges; if businesses invest in the wrong digital marketing solutions to drive leads, then it’s likely the investment ROI will fall short of expectations. Let’s face it, businesses find and decide to buy certain products and services from certain vendors in a very different way than a homeowner would choose an HVAC company when their heater goes down.

At Bell Media, we’ve seen first-hand how digital marketing tactics can drive significant ROI for B2B organizations, but it requires investing in tactics that engage, educate and influence. Here are a handful that will make an impact.

Content Marketing for B2B companies can drive significant value by creating new sales opportunities and assisting in moving them through the sales funnel.

Content marketing includes creating informative, educational and thought-provoking content that may be in the form of a blog, article, case study or white paper. More than ever, businesses want to self-educate vs. going through the misery of listening to a hard sale; content is the vehicle to drive value with your prospects before, during and after the initial sale.

Search Engine Optimization for B2B companies can pay significant dividends especially in competitive industries and for companies with a customer lifetime value that’s $20,000+.

Most of you are familiar with SEO but for those who aren’t, it’s the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of website traffic through organic search engine results. Most businesses in need of a product or service will turn to Google and conduct a search, which means it’s important for your company to have a presence on page 1. One note to consider; for most B2B organization that sell high priced products and services, you shouldn’t expect a high conversion rate from your organic traffic due to longer sales cycles, the buyer’s education process and potential competitors who are also being considered at the top of the sale funnel. That’s why the following tactics are critical….

Remarketing provides a great mechanism to keep your brand and message in front of a website visitor who didn’t convert during their first visit.

By using the Google Display Network, Facebook or other ad networks, you can deliver display ads to recent website visitors. Why is this helpful? Let’s break it down into a few categories;

  1. First, by delivering display ads to your recent website visitors you are building your brand
  2. Second, you can use content teasers in your remarketing ads to get recent website visitors back to your website to read educational and engaging content.
  3. Last, you can be strategic in how often and for how long you reach a website visitor with remarketing. Let’s say a prospect visits your website and doesn’t convert. You know your sales cycles is around 40 days. You can set your remarketing ads to reach this consumer once per day for 40 days in hopes of turning a prospect into a customer.

Email Nurturing is a very effective tactic for influencing a prospect once they’ve entered the sales funnel.

If you generate an inbound lead you can automatically trigger what’s known as a nurturing campaign; sending the prospect a series of emails over a given period of time. It requires some work up-front but once it’s set up everything is automated thereafter. From our experience, you should consider delivering emails to prospects that adds value to the relationship. Think about sending educational material, credibility building material and anything that will engage your prospect through their decision making journey.

At the foundation of any strong B2B digital marketing strategy is Content Marketing. Without good content, you’ll be missing a critical piece of what today’s business buyer is in need of when they are considering a purchase. Consider this;

  • Content Marketing helps drive more search engine visibility which will increase your organic website traffic.
  • Content Marketing can help drive Remarketing ad copy text which will increase click through rates and generate repeat website visitors.
  • The driving force behind your Email Nurturing campaigns must be a Content Marketing strategy. In today’s environment buyers aren’t engaging in business sales emails but rather in emails that provide helpful, educational and engaging material.

Take it from us…..B2B digital marketing can be a fruitful endeavor, just be prepared to think strategically about the value your business delivers and what your prospects may need during the sales cycle.


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