Regional airports solve leakage problems through mobile marketing

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You have a great airport.  You have great people who provide an incredible service for thousands of passengers each year.  But larger airports with bigger budgets keep siphoning away your passengers. What do you do to stem the tide?

You invest in innovative mobile advertising strategies, according to Cole Willis of Bell Media.

“Regional airports have become somewhat of a specialty for us at Bell Media,” says Cole.  “They fit the scenario described above perfectly. They offer great flight services to many destinations.  However, their perfect customer base keeps ‘leaking’ to these larger hub airports because of the promise of cheaper flights, more amenities, more choices.  But that’s not true at all. Regional airports are very efficiently run and are the perfect solution for a large portion of the surrounding population. We’ve been able to identify ways to reach those leached-away customers and suck them back into our client’s sales funnel – and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.”  

Cole then goes on to describe how they’ve provided successful outcomes for these location-sensitive type advertisers.  Cole says, “What we’ve done is to employ mobile advertising with geo-fencing. We geo-fence the larger airports most of their prospects tend to ‘leak’ to, and we target mobile users who are in those airports.  We then send them different types of messaging (something akin to ‘don’t you feel dumb; you just drove 4 hours to catch a flight when you have an airport in your own backyard’.) We’re even able to capture the cell phone signature of someone who has been served one of these ads.  Then, within some period of time, if one of those cell phones appears at the local regional airport, we consider that our advertising is what persuaded them to try out the regional airport – we count this as a new customer.”

This approach has been wildly successful for many regional airports, who have then gone on to also do similar approaches for their own parking lots versus the competitor parking lots that pop up in and around the airport.

In the case of airports located near college football towns, they can actually also target fans for upcoming games in their own hometowns by geo-fencing a metro with a high density of said fans, persuading them into flying into the college town airport.  This same concept can be applied to many other businesses, as well.

It is amazing to our customers the types of results we can get by using mobile and geo-fencing.  This technology is not only easy to deploy, but easy to measure success with, since we can track where the mobile phone user goes later after they’re served an ad.  As Cole always says, “Mobile advertising with geo-fencing is a small business’ dream. They can speak to prospective customers at a competitor’s location, and track when the message is received and they come back to your location.  It’s a win-win for the consumer, and for the customer.”

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