How can Grocery Stores be utilizing social media smarter?

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It’s difficult to keep up with all the change taking place within the grocery store industry. There are talks of mergers, large chain bankruptcies and masses of older generations looking to sell their independent store(s). Industry disruption is playing a big part in spurring the change as Amazon continues investing in Whole Food’s capabilities, grocery delivery adoption rates are increasing, meal kit companies are taking a bite out of in-store sales and e-commerce options with convenient pick-up are now being offered at all major chains (coming to a Walmart near you).

With so much industry disruption, you may be asking yourself “how can I keep up and compete with other grocery stores who are adopting new technology at a rapid pace”? Our experience tells us that independent grocers should consider adopting new technology but it’s more important to build a robust online audience first. The best channel for grocery stores to build an audience is through social media.

Here are 5 types of posts that will help you build and engage a loyal social media audience:

Weekly Ad Posts

Chances are your weekly ads come out every Tuesday or Wednesday. If you’re viewing your website analytics, you’ll find that website traffic spikes when the week’s ads are published on your website. We believe your weekly ads should lay the foundation for your posts. One ideas is to create carousel image posts with individual items and discounted pricing that will add value for your local shoppers when they are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Check out Renfroe’s Market, who’s pinning their weekly ad post to the top of their page.

Your employees should be front and center 

It’s worth the time and investment to take some professional photography of your team while they’re working. Using your employee’s photos in posts can help make that local connection, build loyalty and familiarity and personalization to a local customer’s news feed.

Curate interesting and relevant recipe ideas

Families are always looking for new ideas to bring to the dinner table. Curate mainstream dishes that are practical for shoppers to create and use weekly ad items as your main ingredients.

Create a timely and relevant theme for your social pages

Grocery stores are integral for every major event throughout the year: Christmas, the Super Bowl, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving to name a few, provide fantastic opportunities to create a theme for your page(s) and provide relevant post content that supports each and every holiday (did you know National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day is April 24th)!

Do weekly dinner or drink giveaways 

Everyone loves “FREE”.  Sometimes it takes giving something away to get your Facebook and Instagram fans excited, so don’t be shy about offering a dinner kit for 2. “Like and Share for a chance to win a pizza kit and drink pack!”

We believe that adopting technology such as e-commerce ordering, pick-up and delivery options will be important for your business to protect your customer base and provide an exceptional customer experience. However, adoption rates for this type of technology, especially in rural communities, has been slow moving. In order to take advantage of technology disruption you must first build a loyal following to create a direct line of communication with each and every one of your customers – and social media can help you do it!


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