Six ways to use Content Marketing to drive leads and win new business

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Businesses like yours are on a constant look-out for new, innovative ways to get new leads and win new business for your company.  I’m sure that you have tried many different ways to make this happen; some have been successful, and some have flopped.  I’d like to talk to you today about utilizing Content Marketing as a way to “warm up” your leads that visit your website, and then convert them into clients.

Content Marketing is just a fancy term that really means the creation of content in the form or an article or blog that lives on your site, is frequently updated, and showcases your company’s expertise in a variety of areas.  Successful content marketing campaigns have several characteristics that are common across industries, so I’d like to talk about how other businesses are doing this well:

#1:  Give away valuable knowledge for free.

It is a natural inclination to want to brag about how many years of experience your team has, or how great your products and services are.  But what prospects want to read about are how to  address their pains and problems.  You can start by talking to your customer service teams about the most frequently asked questions they get, and formulate articles based on those questions.  The best Content Marketing also indirectly showcases why you can help them with these things, but you’ll want to be careful to be subtle about this and not come across as “selling.”  Prospects and customers respond to genuine education pieces that answer questions for them, and they are then more receptive to taking the next step with you when you’ve gone to the effort to give away knowledge for free.

#2:  Rework client testimonials into stories.

You probably have collected testimonials from clients who have used your products and services to solve a problem.  Offer to interview a satisfied client about their original problem, the solutions they tried and failed, and how they were finally successful with YOUR company’s products or services.  Try writing this in a first-person article style, based directly off your interview with your client – this writing style is quite compelling, and really resonates with other potential customers.  

#3:  Be genuine, be transparent, be friendly

Good content marketing allows a company to really show off the tone of their brand.  The writing doesn’t have to be formal and stilted; rather, show the human side of your business by sharing mistakes you’ve made, discoveries you’ve made on how to do things better, and anecdotal stories of successes you’ve seen with your clients.  Showing your human side helps you connect with a prospect, and it often “warms them up” to hearing what else you have to say.

#4:  Showcase your team’s Thought Leadership

You probably have experts on your team in various areas of the company that are really experienced at what they do.  Encourage them to write an education piece on how something works, why your products and services work the way they do, or how to simplify a process.  When written well, content articles and blogs don’t have to come right out and say “we’re the experts.”  The examples, anecdotes, and information you provide them will tell this story all by itself.  And if you’ve ever made a video about some of these anecdotes, feel free to embed that video into the article you just wrote for extra punch.

#5:  Tie all of your content together to make it “sticky”

It is my belief that for every article or blog you write, you ought to be able to hyperlink at least 2 times during that article back to either another article or blog you’ve written, or to a section on your website that better outlines a thought.  This way, your writing efforts makes your content marketing “sticky.”  A better way to imagine what “sticky” means:  have you ever gone to Wikipedia to look up a subject (say, Thomas Jefferson), and an hour later you’re still on Wikipedia, reading about rainbows and unicorns and wondering how the heck you got there?  That’s “sticky” – guiding readers through a variety of different methods of reading more content you’ve produced.  This method will increase your Time On Site on your website, which is a leading metric that indicates buyer interest.  It’s a little bit of extra work, but it’s well-worth the effort in the end.

#6:  Put a soft call-to-action at the end of every piece of content marketing

Your call-to-action might be traditional website calls to action:  a form-fill at the end of every blog, “contact us” information, etc.  But you might also think about other “soft” calls to action, such as “if you enjoyed this blog post, you might want to check out this post we wrote about ____.”.  That’s a low-commitment call to action – you’re merely asking them to read something else you’ve written, which can serve to further warm them up.  Then, consider posting this article on Facebook with an ad that drives people directly to the content on your website.

Of course, we have a Content Marketing division that can do all these things for you and more, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like more information on how we can put the power of Content Marketing to work for you!

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