What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing – June 2017

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Hey Marketers! Welcome to the June 2017 edition of What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing. In this edition, we’ll discuss Facebook Cover Videos, the end of Google email scanning to sell advertising and Google Posts for Small Businesses. If you dig our articles, sign up for our email list at the bottom of this article. Cheers!


Facebook Launches Cover Videos

For the past 6 months, we’ve seen online video consumption increase at an explosive rate, specifically on Facebook. It’s because video posts tend to produce higher engagement rates, which makes Facebook more willing to show the posts in prominent positions on your news feed.

If you don’t believe me, head on over to your Facebook news feed and count how many videos you see. On my feed, eight out of ten posts were videos. What about yours?

Cover Videos

To further capitalize on this trend, Facebook has rolled out a new feature where businesses can use a cover video instead of a cover image on their business profile page. Here’s what Facebook had to say about it:

We recently started testing the ability on desktop to upload a video as the Page cover. Once a cover video has been created, video will render when people visit the Page.

By making cover video available, we want to help you create more engaging interaction and drive more rich experience for your audience by letting you spotlight your creative content in one of the most prominent space: your Page cover. – Facebook

On your Facebook Business Page, you’ll see a blue box over your cover photo with the following text:

Tell more of Your Story. Instead of a cover photo, now you can use a video. It can be 20-90 seconds and should be at least 830×312 pixels.

To check out an example of a profile cover video, head on over to Netflix’s Business Page. If you need a video for your Facebook page or other online marketing efforts, go here.


Google Posts For Small Businesses is Live!

Google Posts is finally out of its testing stage and now available to small businesses! Google Posts gives you new ways to engage with your customers through your Google Business Listing which is located on the first search engine results page.

New Features

Before Google Posts, your Google Business Listing features were limited to call, get directions, share and view website. With Google Posts, you can now posts daily specials, promote events, share recent blog posts, sign up for newsletters, showcase top products and, if you own a restaurant, offer a one-click path to make reservations.

With 82% of people turning to search engines to find local information,1 your Google listing is the ideal place to showcase what is unique about your business. Even when customers know exactly what they’re looking for, they still want to get to know the business and see what it has to offer. That’s why Google My Business is bringing Posts to local businesses — an easy way to help attract new customers and build relationships with the customers you already have.  – Google Small Business

Anyone who’s reading this article that has a Google Business Listing needs to take advantage of these new features ASAP. This is FREE search engine real estate that Google is offering you. Sign Up Now!


Google To Stop Scanning Your Emails To Serve Targeted Ads

Gmail users: have you ever been reading an email, and then later on, see an ad that’s relevant to that email? It’s not a coincidence. Google has been scanning your email content to deliver targeted ads to you since the inception of Gmail. 

It seems that Google believes that this type of scanning/targeting has frustrated users and possibly been the cause of stunted growth and market share. By removing email scanning from their ad targeting, they’re hoping to build trust, drive user growth and provide a high quality email/storage service similar to the cloud services of Amazon and Microsoft. You can check out Google’s cloud solution, G Suite, here.

It’s important to note that Google is ONLY removing email scanning from its targeting criteria. Search and website behaviors will continue to be tracked and used for ad targeting.


That’s it for June’s edition of What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing. Until next time, peace out Marketers!

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