What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing – May 2017

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What’s up Marketers! Welcome to the May 2017 edition of What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing. In this edition, we’ll discuss Google Attribution, Bing Local Search Bots and Instagram’s New “Snapchatty” Features. If you dig our articles, sign up for our email list at the bottom of this article. Cheers!


Google Announces Google Attribution


Most marketers know that the average consumer needs to be “touched” multiple times by their brand before converting. However, all of the credit is usually given to the most recent tactic that influenced the consumer to convert. This is called last-click attribution. For example: If a user clicks on a social media advertisement and then fills out a contact form, then the social media ad would receive all of the credit for the conversion. Well, what if the user first came into contact with your brand by performing a Google search or from an email marketing campaign? Shouldn’t those channels receive credit too?

Google Attribution was created to give credit to where credit is due. The software uses machine learning to assign weighted values to all of the touch points along the consumers’ paths to purchase.

When you’re not sure which of your channels are generating results, it can be difficult to give credit to those channels. That’s why it’s so important to have clear visibility into the customer journey and the effect your marketing is having on consumers.

With its sophisticated data-driven algorithmic approach, Google Attribution 360 analyzes every conversion sequence to reveal the true value, or “lift,” of each. By processing the first and third-party data, it’s able to measure the effect each ad has on a conversion when it’s included (or not) in a particular sequence and determine where credit is due The result? You make better cross-channel decisions and drive greater returns. – Google

A tool like Google Attribution that provides clarity on the success or failure of marketing efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed. Check out Google Attribution here.


Bing Introduces Chat Bots For Local Businesses


Google is hailed as the king of search, but Bing quietly continues to prove that they belong in the game too. Bing is on a mission to make our local searches more interactive by rolling out Chat Bots for Local Businesses. The bots act as a personal concierge by instantly answering your questions about the business directly on the search results page.

They’ll answer questions like “are you open” and “is parking available.” The bot will even provide directions and reservation information for restaurants. Business can upload common questions to their Microsoft Business Bot profile to prepare their local bot to answer user questions. The feature is only open to restaurants at the moment, but Bing promises a rapid expansion into new markets and industries.

To test it for yourself, go to the Bing search engine and type “Lola Seattle.” On the results page, find the blue chat button. A chat window will appear in the bottom right corner. Have fun!


Instagram debuts Face Filters, Stories by Location and Stories by Hashtag

Last month, we discussed how Instagram Stories surpassed Snapchat’s daily user number by copying Snapchat’s core features into their platform. This month is more of the same. In the past 30 days, Instagram has debuted face filters, Stories by location and Stories by hashtag to its bag of features.

Instagram’s face filters allow you to overlay certain graphics or filters on your story. The filters can be accessed by tapping on the “hands free” option after swiping right on the home screen. Just like Snapchat, you can choose filters with animal ears, crowns, glasses and more. Instagram even has its own version of the uber-popular enhancement filter, which makes the average Joe Schmoe look as beautiful as Fabio.

Stories by location allow users to stay in the loop on the happenings in their community. To view Stories by location, go to the search section and search your location under “places.” Select your location and you’ll see a circle with a pin up at the top of the results page.

Stories by hashtags let’s users stay updated on relevant topics or interests. This feature is similar to Snapchat’s Discover feature, where users can view stories of certain public figures and current events like the NBA Finals or New York Fashion Week. To view Stories by hashtag, go to the search section and search your topic under “tags.” Select your tag and you’ll see a circle with a pin up at the top of the results page.

These new additions virtually wipe out any differentiators that Snapchat had over Instagram. We’re still waiting on Snapchat to punch back, but they’ve been fairly quiet the last few months. They need a fresh, game-changing feature and fast.



That’s it for May’s edition of What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing. We’ll be discussing these topics and more at our Bell Bashes, Bell Media’s FREE digital marketing and network events. Our Montgomery bash is on June 7th at Tipping Point and the Birmingham bash is June 14th at Eddie’s Pour House. Come hang out!

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