What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing – February 2017

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Happy February! How was your V-Day? Have a nice meal? Get some chocolates? That’s nice. Let’s jump into the February 2017 installment of What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing.  In the February edition, we cover Email Marketing Trends, Google Search Ads visual changes and Mobile Video Trends. Enjoy!


Email is NOT dead

With the quick rise of social media and video platforms, many marketers and business owners have decided to ditch email marketing as one of their tactics in their overall strategy. Many of them feel that it’s a thing of the past and provides no value whatsoever.

As our current president would say: WRONG.

In reality, email marketing is still a beast that, if performed correctly, can produce a huge ROI for your business. In fact, The Direct Marketing Association calls it the most cost-effective form of marketing out there, producing an ROI of around 4,300%. That’s not a typo.

Here’s a few more email marketing stats for you:

  • According to Salesforce, for every dollar we spend on email marketing offers an average return of $44. Who wouldn’t be satisfied with that return?
  • A study by McKinsey & Co shows that email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

Let those stats sink in for a moment, then go shift some of those marketing dollars back to email marketing and develop one hell of an email campaign.


Google changes the color of their Ad Box, again.

We’ve all been there before. We’re getting ready to go out for a night on the town and we can’t decide what to wear. We go through a slew of outfit choices and none of them seems to work. Your loved one keeps telling you, “you look great,” but you insist on finding the perfect outfit. We can never make up our minds, can we?

Well, Google is going through that very same problem. The oh-so tiny Ad box that can be found next to your Google Ads is now going through its third color rendition in 7 months. First it was a yellow box, then they switched it to green, and now they are going to a white box with a green outline. We can understand why they switched from yellow to green since the green box was a more natural blend into the listings, but going to a green outline…that’s a head scratcher to us.

So what does this mean for marketers? Google, like us, can’t make up its mind on how it wants to look, but is doing so in the pursuit of perfection. You have to believe that they’ve tested millions of ads and saw that the green outline box performed better than the green box. Sometimes the slightest tweaks can make the biggest differences. Although it’s rather silly, it’s probably going to help ad performance. Fingers crossed.


New Mobile Video Usage and Advertising Trends

The world continues to shift their attention (and eyeballs) towards mobile video. A whopping 57% of consumers are now watching videos on their mobile phones EVERY SINGLE DAY. In the UK, 71% of consumers say they cannot live without their phones. This is further proof that we truly live in a device-obsessed society.

Marketers are placing big bets on mobile video advertising, with 61% of them pledging to increase their mobile ad dollars by 25%, and 61% also say they are moving money away from traditional media and sinking it into mobile video.

If this many people are consuming mobile video at such a high rate, shouldn’t mobile video advertising be on your radar?

If 61% of marketers are claiming that they are dramatically shifting their dollars towards mobile advertising, shouldn’t your business be doing the same thing…or at least giving it a strong consideration?

Jump on this trend before it’s too late. Set aside some of your budget to invest in a 30-second video and get your brand in front of those mobile video consumers!

That’s it for the February installment. See you in March. Happy Marketing!

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