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Bell Media serves local companies in competitive markets that have a need or desire to grow. Bell Media is in the business of predictable outcomes, fueling growth by driving customer acquisition and filling open capacity. Whether you’re looking to outsource your marketing or just looking for digital marketing experts, we will work hard to understand what success looks like to you, and passionately seek to achieve those results through collaboration and education.

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Bell Media’s a leading, award-winning digital marketing agency with over 60 digital experts ready to deliver desired outcomes for your company. We wake up with the purpose of inspiring businesses to think bigger-better-stronger, and we pursue driving excellent results every day. If you’re looking for a team who can help you escalate growth, you’ve found it! Check out a few examples of results we’ve helped our customer achieve.

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Bell Media’s purpose is to inspire businesses and help them achieve their goals. We never get tired of hearing “job well done” when we meet or exceed expectations. Check out our over 200 Five Star Reviews from happy customers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Bell Media been in business?

Bell Media has been in business since 2008. We currently operate in multiple markets, have nearly 1,000 customers and a team of 60+ full-time members.

You're considered the Search Engine Dominance Agency. What does that mean?

Most believe that if their business ranks organically on page 1 of Google their business is positioned well online. We challenge that thought by simply asking, why have one listing (position) on page 1 when you could have 3-4? Search is the new local business battlefield as that’s where business can be won or lost. Through a specific strategy that involves local SEO, Paid Search and Content Marketing we help our customers occupy multiple positions on page 1. Consider this; if you can improve the number on listings on page 1 of Google for your business from 1 spot to 3, the likelihood of a click and conversion could improve by 200%. We help our customers dominate search engines by maximizing their real estate on page 1.

Why do I need on-going SEO? Won't a one time optimization work?

Organic rankings are critical for B2C service providers. SEO helps local companies show up prominently organically so that they can receive more clicks, website traffic and new business from those in their community in need of a companies services. It’s important that SEO services are on-going as Google consistently changes their algorithms, the local competitive landscape is constantly evolving and if you don’t take advantage of SEO services the competitors who are investing on-going will beat you on page 1!

Why should I invest in Paid Search (PPC)?

Paid Search includes the top “AD” placements on the top and bottom of Google. By investing in paid search, you’re better positioned to receive more clicks, website visits and conversions from prospects looking for services you provide. If winning on Google means having more real estate (more listings) on page 1 for searches related to your high-value services, paid search gives you one additional listing and improves the likelihood of a website visit by 2%-8%.

I've heard of Content Marketing. What exactly is it and why do I need it?

Content has become a primary ranking factor for search engines. Having robust and relevant content on your website can improve your chances of showing up organically on Google. Content Marketing is the art and science of developing research-backed content that lives on your site; whether it’s a blog, article, white paper, case study or video. Another aspect of Content Marketing is content distribution. This includes leveraging the robust blog content on your site and getting this content into the hands of your target market through Facebook, Google Display or other distribution mediums.

Are you an experienced web design and development company?

We’re arguably one of the most experienced web design and development companies in the Southeast! We’ve published over 1,000 websites, typically publish between 10-20 new websites per month and host-support nearly 1,000 websites. Our team is experienced in designing custom websites and our process can ensure you’re up and running in no time.


Investing in digital marketing is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a marketer or business owner. That’s why it’s important that your marketing dollars be handled by true digital marketing experts. When you partner with Bell Media, you’ll have a team of certified Google and Bing experts managing your accounts.  These accreditations are only awarded to online advertising companies that pass certification courses and demonstrate proven success using Google and Bing’s online advertising products while maintaining best industry practices. Check out our Google Premier Partner page. 

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Bell Media is a Bing Partner